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The Center focuses on the development of optimized EPR imaging technology to directly image important aspects of in vivo physiology.  Instrumentation and methodology is developed in Denver in support of the in-vivo physiology done at University of Chicago. Spin probe and spin trap syntheses are done at University of Maryland.

We invite biomedical researchers to use the Center in a collaborative mode or to use the services of the Center. In addition to the links listed above, in Denver for information about

PowerPoint files for selected presentations at conferences and complete lists of publications can be found on our personal web pages:

Gareth Eaton

Sandra Eaton

Rinard+ Quine + resonator   Eatons with magnet
George Rinard and Richard Quine with cross loop resonator.    Sandra and Gareth Eaton with VHF magnet.


  Eaton group April. 2013  
   Eaton research group April 2013