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Other Spectrometers

The lab contains several EPR spectrometers including commercial systems manufactured by Bruker and Varian as well as home-built systems, at EPR frequencies ranging from 250 MHz to 34 GHz.  Pulsed and CW EPR are available over this range.  DEER capabilities are available at both 9 and 34 GHz. Liquid nitrogen and liquid helium temperature ranges are accessible for many of the resonators over this range of frequencies.

The primary focus of the laboratory is the measurement of distances between sites in biological molecules and the understanding of electron spin relaxation mechanisms.

Collaborations on these topics are invited.

E580 spectrometer   X-band spin echo
Bruker E580 X- and Q-band pulsed spectrometer, with DEER capability.   X-band spin echo systems with ELDOR and 1 ns resolution using a programmable timing unit designed by Richard Quine.


Multifrequency spectrometer   saturation recovery spectrometer
Multifrequency System with interchangeable L-, S-, and C-band bridges. Each bridge has CW, ESE, and Saturation recovery modes.  

X-band Saturation Recovery with locally-designed and constructed timing controller.


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